Our Platform

Our platform offers easy, secure access via tablets, smart phones, or computers. It also provides powerful tools that allow users to review, interact, analyze, collaborate, and engage with class materials.

Live-Stream, Capture and Post Multimedia.

Capture video and audio on demand or according to a pre-set schedule. Automatically generate transcripts. Utilize your existing video capture technology, or a Briteclass end-to-end solution. Upload separately generated multimedia as well. Support for video objects, transcripts, PDFs, 3d and 2d objects as html5, and flash and interactive modules like D3js - all make Briteclass a flexible media distribution system.


Studies have shown that active learning and interactivity can significantly improve student outcomes. Briteclass provides a number of active learning facilities. Students can take notes and create bookmarks during a live lecture. These are then automatically synchronized to the recorded lecture, so that a student can easily revisit the areas he noted during class.

Students can also engage in discussions with other students, and can ask questions of the faculty both real-time and after class. Student comments and discussions are also linked to a particular time in a lecture, or to a particular media object, thereby creating an important context for the discussion. Furthermore, students can readily see what portions of a lecture have been viewed by other students, allowing them to focus their studies on what other students have deemed important.

Feedback and Analytics

BriteClass provides powerful analytics features for use by faculty. As students interact, metadata is collected, all input is systematically analyzed, and participation patterns are extracted. These metrics are presented to faculty just-in-time, when they can use the data quickly and effectively. Instructors can see attendance rates, both live and asynchronous, which individuals or groups

participated, the volume of participation, and even the quality of participation. This "passive-type" of student assessment, utilizing both live and asynchronous participation, is complemented with "active" assessments derived from instructor-presented polls and surveys. These allow the professor to understand the dynamics of learning in and outside the classroom.

Disability Friendly

Briteclass is section 508 compliant. The application enables learning through multiple modalities, and includes playback with video, audio, transcripts, text-to-speech, and translation. Students can also navigate and interact with just a mouse or just a keyboard. Most importantly, they can collaborate with other students at a time and place most conducive to their preferences.